Best Things To Give Up For Lent This Year!

What are the Best Things To Give Up For Lent this year? Drew and Katie will help you decide!

Best Things To Give Up For Lent

As we approach the season of Lent, it’s a time for introspection, prayer, and sacrifice. It’s a time to evaluate our priorities and align our actions with our deepest values. In a world filled with distractions and temptations, Lent offers us an opportunity to pause, reflect, and refocus on what truly matters.

In a recent episode of the Catholic Link show, hosts Drew and Katie Taylor offered insightful reflections on how to approach Lent with intentionality. They emphasized the importance of prayerfully discerning what sacrifices to make during this season, recognizing that each individual’s journey may be different.

One crucial aspect Drew and Katie highlighted was the need to start with prayer. Asking God for guidance in discerning what to give up or how to grow during Lent sets a firm foundation for spiritual growth. It’s not about arbitrary sacrifices but about surrendering to God’s will and allowing Him to work in our lives.

They acknowledged that some sacrifices may seem daunting or impractical given our circumstances, but emphasized the importance of understanding the “why” behind our Lenten practices. Whether it’s giving up sweets, media consumption, or other indulgences, the goal is to break free from attachments that hinder our relationship with God.

The conversation also touched upon the significance of traditional Lenten practices, such as abstaining from meat on Fridays. It’s not merely a ritual but an opportunity to honor Christ’s sacrifice and simplify our lives in devotion to Him.

Moreover, Drew and Katie urged viewers to consider adding spiritual practices to their Lenten journey, such as increased prayer, regular confession, and Scripture reflection. These additions complement the sacrifices we make, enriching our spiritual lives and deepening our relationship with God.

Throughout their discussion, Drew and Katie emphasized the transformative power of Lent when approached with sincerity and purpose. By reevaluating our priorities, embracing sacrifice, and dedicating ourselves to prayer and spiritual growth, we can truly experience the richness and beauty of this season.

As we embark on our Lenten journey, let us heed Drew and Katie’s advice: pray earnestly, discern wisely, and act with intentionality. May this season be a time of renewal, transformation, and drawing closer to God.

And as Drew and Katie reminded us, let’s not journey alone but seek community and support in our spiritual endeavors. Whether through resources like Catholic Link’s Lenten study or sharing our experiences with fellow believers, let’s encourage and uplift one another along the way.

So, as Lent approaches, let’s take a moment to reflect on our priorities and ask ourselves: Is the time we’re using reflecting the priorities we hold dear? May this season be a time of renewal and spiritual growth as we journey together towards Easter.

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