Migration Catholic Movie Review | Find Out Why It’s A Must-See!

What if I told you that there is a movie currently in theaters that beautifully and skillfully depicts how Christians are meant to live in this world? How? This films shows us that by embracing who God made us to be, we can lead fuller and richer lives. Intriguing, right? Now, what if I revealed that the protagonists of this thought-provoking film are not humans but a family of ducks? Yes, you heard that right.

Hi, I’m Mato Rivera, The Cinematic Catholic, and today, I am excited to share my review of “Migration,” the latest feature from Illumination Studios. Join me as I delve into the film’s narrative and explore its profound messages about family, faith, and venturing beyond our comfort zones.

What Is Migration About?

“Migration” unfolds the story of a duck family that has never ventured beyond their New England pond. Mac, the father duck, voiced by the talented Kumo Nani, passionately explains to his ducklings why they should never leave the safety of their pond. The outside world, according to Mac, is fraught with dangers and predators, while their pond provides everything they need within their safe bubble.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn when a flock of ducks, en route to Jamaica for winter, visits their pond. Intrigued by the idea of migration, the duck family starts questioning their confined existence. Mac, initially resistant, undergoes a transformation with the guidance of Uncle Dan, portrayed by Danny DeVito. This sets the stage for an adventurous journey as the family takes flight, facing challenges and discovering the world beyond their pond.

One of the film’s strengths lies in its portrayal of the family dynamic among the Mallards. While they find some joy in their secluded lives, there is a palpable limitation to their enjoyment. Ducks are naturally inclined to migrate, and by rejecting this instinct, they are denying a vital aspect of their existence. This mirrors the perspective of some Christians who choose to isolate themselves from the complexities of the world.

As the Mallards embark on their migration, they encounter challenges that necessitate reliance on each other, strengthening their family bonds. The film beautifully illustrates how stepping outside one’s comfort zone can lead to personal growth and positively impact the lives of those around us. This resonates with the Christian call to share Christ’s love by actively engaging with the world and being a beacon of light.

A Balance Between Living In The World And Its Dangers

The movie cleverly addresses the balance between venturing into the world and being cautious about its dangers. A scene where the Mallards stumble upon a seemingly idyllic duck sanctuary, only to realize it’s a farm, serves as a poignant reminder to be mindful and discerning in navigating the world.

A particularly moving scene involves the young duck, Dax, who loses his ability to fly. He ingeniously uses the feathers of his parents and other adult birds to fashion makeshift wings, symbolizing the positive influence he draws from his surroundings. This visual metaphor captures the essence of adopting positive values and experiences from others to navigate life’s challenges.

Should Catholics See Migration?

In conclusion, “Migration” is a stellar family film that delivers a profound message about embracing one’s identity and purpose in the world. Illumination Studios succeeds in striking a balance between encouraging exploration and cautioning against potential pitfalls. The film’s exploration of family dynamics, personal growth, and positive influence aligns seamlessly with Christian values.

For my Cinematic Catholic rating, I give “Migration” a perfect 10 out of 10. It not only serves as an excellent family movie but also offers meaningful themes for reflection. As we usher in the new year, “Migration” stands out as a must-watch, a cinematic gem that deserves support at the box office. Let’s ensure that studios like Illumination continue to produce enriching family stories for years to come.

Catholic Movie Review of Migration

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