There is no such thing as Catholic music, just like there is no such thing as Catholic trees. 

Hear me out before discarding this whole spiel. These poor artists I’m about to share with you got stuck with me writing this intro, so for their sake, stick with me. 

It’s actually a good thing that there’s no such thing as Catholic music, because things cannot be Catholic, only people. To be Catholic, one must be baptized as a Catholic. Only people can be baptized. Music cannot be baptized, and trees cannot be baptized. 

So, there’s no such thing as Catholic music, but there are Catholic musicians; some of whom write about their Catholicism, and some who don’t. Some use their sounds and words to glorify God in a specifically Catholic way, just like some trees are made into altars or tabernacles, but it doesn’t make the tree a Catholic tree, and it doesn’t make the music itself Catholic. 

We’ve compiled a list of Catholic musicians who write a variety of experiences into their works, but what they all have in common is that they are living out their Catholicism with conviction and depth. In this list, we have parents, touring artists, up and coming singer/songwriters, missionary musicians, and a variety of other blue-collar-by-day/musician-by-night artists who are working hard to get heard in a noisy noisy world. 

Take the next 16 days and check out each one. Give them a chance to become part of your repertoire. Find a few you like, and tell your family and friends

However you choose to do it, please enjoy the following Off the Beaten Path Catholic Musicians in alphabetical order. 

15 Off The Beaten Path Catholic Artists To Add To Your Playlist

Be sure to like these incredible Catholic musicians on social media, subscribe to their channels. Don’t let Beyonce and Jay-Z get all the attention in the music industry. 

Click on each name to find their social media: Amber Hyland, Blue Lupin, Claymere, David Kruse, Dear Other, Devin Rain, The Duskwhales, Emma Fradd, Hallowed, Henri Poilevey, Interior Castle, Les Guettuers, Margaret Knapp, Valere, and Wyandotte.

For a full Spotify playlist all of these artists, check out the Catholics Unearthed Playlist on Spotify. 

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Image: Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

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