Catholic Leadership Development From An Army Ranger And Fighter Pilot

Two Catholic men: Drew Taylor an F-16 Fighter Pilot and Marek Rudak a former Army Ranger and leadership consultant discuss their leadership development in light of their Catholic faith. As Catholic leaders, they discuss how to develop practical leadership skills.

In this episode, Marek Rudak discusses emotional intelligence and the power of journal writing to train leaders in introspective leadership. Catholic leadership extends beyond priests, and these tips and ideas on personal development can significantly impact your work, church, and family.

Marek also emphasizes effective feedback reception and asking the right questions for actionable feedback. Receiving feedback is crucial for leadership development.

These Catholic men, drawing from their military and corporate leadership experience, offer valuable leadership training through a relaxed conversation with personal anecdotes. Achieving leadership success and personal growth are attainable in all aspects of life. Let’s pursue excellence, challenge ourselves, and hold each other accountable!

Catholic Leadership Tips

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