Is PERCY JACKSON The Best Family Show On TV Right Now?? | Review UPDATE

January may be a slow month for movies, but there’s one series on Disney+ that has been making waves – Percy Jackson and the Olympians. As we eagerly await the finale, let’s take a moment to reflect on how well this show has held up after its strong start.

Hi, I’m Mato Rivera, The Cinematic Catholic, and my wife and I recently caught up on the latest episodes of Percy Jackson. With only two episodes to go, the anticipation is building, especially with the last episode leaving us on a perfect cliffhanger. So, let’s dive into why Percy Jackson has become one of the best family shows on television right now.

What sets this series apart is its commitment to staying true to the spirit of the books. The show embraces the purity of family entertainment, providing a refreshing escape without unnecessary real-world influences. In a world filled with commentary and social messages, Percy Jackson stands out as a beacon of true escapism, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in a fantastical universe for 40 minutes of pure enjoyment.

Without delving into spoilers, it’s worth mentioning the portrayal of Percy and Annabeth’s relationship. While the actors exhibit genuine chemistry off-screen, the on-screen dynamic feels a bit forced at this point. However, with the characters evolving as the series progresses, there’s hope for a more authentic representation of their connection in future seasons.

A notable addition to the cast is Lin Manuel Miranda, whose performance in Percy Jackson marks a departure from his usual roles. Miranda’s portrayal adds depth to his character, showcasing a more human side rather than a caricature. It’s a welcome change and arguably one of his best performances to date.

On a more profound note, the series excels in showcasing selflessness, with Percy demonstrating a willingness to risk his life for the greater good. His motives go beyond seeking glory or favor with the gods; he embarks on a quest to save his mother, understand his absent father Poseidon, and prevent a war between Zeus and Poseidon. The show effectively contrasts Percy’s selfless motives with the often messy and unpredictable nature of the Greek gods.

As we eagerly anticipate the final episodes, totaling an impressive hour and 20 minutes of content, Percy Jackson has proven itself as a solid and enjoyable series. I look forward to sharing my final rating and thoughts after the finale.

If you’re currently watching Percy Jackson, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. How are you enjoying it, and for those who’ve read the books, how do you feel it holds up? If you’re not watching, perhaps it’s time to offer a prayer for Lin Manuel Miranda.

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