7 Ways To Make Lent Meaningful If Your Parish Doesn’t Offer Ways To Grow In Your Faith

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Lent, a season of reflection and spiritual growth, can still be meaningful even if your parish isn’t offering specific activities, you work long hours, or you are homebound. 

How To Make Lent Meaningful

1. Set aside dedicated time for prayer and reflection: Find moments throughout your day, even during your work breaks, to engage in prayer and reflection. Use this time to connect with God, seek guidance, and express gratitude. Consider using devotional books, online resources, or prayer apps to help guide your prayer time.

2. Create a sacred space at home: Designate a specific area in your home as a sacred space for prayer and reflection. It can be a corner with a comfortable chair, a small table with a candle, or any other setup that helps you feel connected to your spirituality. Spend time in this space each day, even if only for a few minutes, to center yourself and focus on your Lenten journey.

3. Engage in spiritual reading and study: Use this time to deepen your understanding of your faith. Choose books or online resources that explore topics related to Lent, spirituality, or personal growth. This can be a great opportunity to learn more about the life of Jesus, the saints, or delve into theological teachings. Consider joining online study groups or forums to connect with others who share your interests.

4. Practice acts of kindness and charity: Lent is a time for selflessness and reaching out to others. Look for opportunities to show kindness and make small gestures of love in your daily life. This can be as simple as offering a listening ear to a colleague or neighbor, volunteering remotely for a charitable organization, or donating to a cause that resonates with you.

5. Participate in online spiritual communities: If your parish isn’t offering specific activities, explore online resources and communities that provide virtual Lenten services, reflections, or discussions. Join our Lenten small group his Lent, where we will experience deeper peace and healing as Fr. Mark Toups immerses us in Christ’s final journey to Jerusalem, inviting us to reflect on Jesus’ suffering and death, and inspiring us to celebrate in his resurrection. 

To participate in our study you will need to order the book via Ascension Press, you can find the book here Lenten Companion or you can order the E-book here  Lenten Companion E-Book.

The study begins on February 15 @8pm EST via ZOOM.

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6. Practice self-reflection and self-examination: Take time to reflect on your personal life, values, and areas for growth. Use this opportunity to examine your own actions, attitudes, and relationships. Consider journaling or keeping a gratitude diary to document your thoughts, feelings, and progress throughout Lent.

7. Attend virtual retreats or workshops: Look for online retreats or workshops that focus on Lenten themes or personal growth. These virtual events can provide a structured and immersive experience, even from the comfort of your own home. Check with your local diocese or search online for organizations offering virtual retreats during Lent.

Remember, the essence of Lent lies in your personal commitment to deepen your relationship with God and grow spiritually. While external activities and support can enhance your Lenten experience, the core of the journey lies within yourself. Embrace the opportunity to make Lent meaningful in your unique circumstances and seek God’s presence in the midst of your daily life.

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