4 Ideas For Lent Date Nights

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Truly, Lent is a time to be solemn and focused on our Lord in his journey to the Cross. But as a couple, it still remains important to be united with our beloved through time together and conversation. A Lent themed date night could be a perfect combination of these two truths!

4 Ideas for a Lent Themed Date Night

Communication is key as they say. Set some time in the evening to talk to each other. Light a candle (if you have a purple one even better!), have the lights lower, and talk about your goals for these next forty days, or how you want your family to do Lent together. A simple conversation with a new atmosphere is a great way to create quality time. 

Open up your Bible and read some Old Testament! There is much to reflect on of Jesus’ times in the wilderness of course but so much was written that He will fulfill during Holy Week. Read His Word together this Lent for an ongoing series of date nights

Trying out some new vegetarian and vegan dishes or experimenting with recipes designed to give you energy while fasting is a great way to connect with your spouse. This Lent move beyond attending fish frys, making tuna fish casserole, and ordering cheese pizza while growing in your relationship together. Find some recipes to try HERE.

While this is a bit unconventional, there is a game that is Lent-themed that is fun to play and gets you working together. Sloth Denies Winter is an 12-page escape experience that you print out at home and it guides you through puzzles and challenges. It’s a perfect date night activity for this Lent! You can get it here: https://catholiccardgame.com/products/escape-game-sloth-denies-winter

Catholic Date Night Ideas
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